Our State and Nation Face a Crisis in these Area's but Dennis will be Our Voice, Our Partner and Our Advocate.

It's About Family

Dennis believes strong families make a strong Florida.
He is committed to his own family. He and his wife, Ginette, have been married for 50 years. They are the proud parents and grandparents of five children and 8 grandchildren.

Commitment to Education 

Dennis understands that parents care about giving their children the best opportunities possible. That's why he's committed to making sure every level of Florida's education system is world-class. He supports increased choice in educational opportunity so that every child can reach his or her God-given potential.

Commitment to Low Taxes

Dennis believes hard-working Florida families should be able to provide for their children without the weight of a crushing tax burden. He will work to keep taxes low and predictable.

Commitment to Seniors

As our population ages, he knows families are concerned about their oldest loved ones. He will work to make sure Florida seniors are treated with the dignity they deserve and have access to the healthcare they need.

Commitment to Life

Dennis is a staunch supporter of life and has consistently championed legislation that supports a culture of life in our state. As an adoptive parent himself, he will continue to work to recruit more families to participate in adoption and foster care programs.

It's About Freedom

Freedom to protect yourself and your family

As the father of Florida's Stand Your Ground law, Dennis Baxley believes that our Second Amendment rights are the bedrock of our nation's freedom. He will fight against the erosion of this fundamental freedom.

Freedom to create opportunity and prosperity

Dennis believes in the power of free enterprise to grow our economy and provide opportunity for both job creators and employees. While supporting job training and other truly helpful programs, he will work to keep government out of the way as much as possible so that innovation can flourish.

Freedom to keep more of what you earn

Dennis understands that government waste and runaway spending could threaten Florida's families with higher taxes. He will work to keep Florida government lean and taxes low, so more of what you earn stays in your pocket.

Freedom to enjoy Florida's abundant natural resources

Dennis understands that our water and other natural resources are among Florida's greatest assets. He will continue to work for sensible solutions to protect them.

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It's About Faith

Dennis's faith is the foundation of his public service. It's what spurs him to fight to preserve the God-given freedoms that protect our families and have made our nation great.

When he was first elected to the Florida House, he made three commitments.

Commitment to God

The first was to God, that he would honor Him with honest and principle-centered leadership.

Commitment to Family

The second was to his children and grandchildren, that he'd make responsible decisions today to guarantee their future.

Commitment to Constituents

The third was to his constituents, that he would listen carefully to their concerns as he seeks to cast the best votes for his district. 

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